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For Referrers

Information For Professional Referrers

Professional referrers include Solicitors, Family Courts, CAFCASS, Family Mediators, The Children’s Departments and Social Services of Local Authorities.

To make a referral please read our Guidelines for Referrers

Please complete the form found in the link below by downloading and returning by post or email.

BSA Agencies Standard Referral Form BSA Agencies Standard Referral Form

Please retain a copy for your records.

If confidentiality of a parent is an important issue, a means of contacting them by, for example, a telephone number, will suffice at this stage. We do not disclose any details to the other party.

Whilst attendance at the contact sessions is free, there is a one-off charge of £5 for each parent to cover administration and set-up costs. This will be payable at the interview before contact commences.